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Middlesex school bus routes 2016-17

Middlesex County school bus routes for the 2016-2017 school year will be as follows, with possible minor modifications being made during the first few weeks of school:

Bus #1— Zion Branch Rd. Rt. 615, Town Bridge Rd. Rt. 616, Lord Mott Rd. Rt. 615, Glebe Dr. Rt. 1045, Hampstead Rd. Rt. 1046, Roseberry Ln. Rt. 1047, Old Virginia St. Rt. 602, Town Bridge to Urbanna Market. Waverly Rd. Rt. 1010, Nimcock Rd. Rt. 1016, Garnett Hill Dr. Rt. 1023, Meadow Ln. Rt. 1024.

Bus #2— General Puller Hwy. Rt. 33 from Philpot Rd. to Grafton Church Rd., Meadows Trailer Park-Grafton Church Rd. Rt. 707, Rt. 33 from Hartfield P.O. to Regent Rd. Rt. 626. Regent Rd. Rt. 623 from Tall Chief Market to Regent, Dirt Bridge Rd. Rt. 622, Millers Rd. Rt. 686, Rt. 3 from Mason Cove Ln. to Industrial Way.

Bus #3— General Puller Hwy. Rt. 33, YMCA to Mill Creek Rd. Rt. 628, Bushy Park Rd. Rt. 702, Bush Park, Wake Rd. Rt. 625 from Mill Creek Rd. to Wake P.O., Mill Wharf Rd. Rt. 627.

Bus #4— General Puller Hwy. Rt. 33 from Cooks Corner to Locust Hill 7-Eleven, Burhans Wharf Rd. Rt. 634, Edgewater Rd. Rt. 673, Christchurch Dr. Rt. 638, Christchurch Ln., Crafton Quarters Rd. Rt. 639, Hibble Rd. Rt. 713, Old Courthouse Rd. Rt. 641, Stormont Rd. Rt. 629, Faraway Rd. Rt. 705, Sibley’s Landing Rd. Rt. 644, Burning Tree Rd. Healy’s Rd. Rt. 629, Bunkers Ln. Rt. 668, Philpot Rd. Rt. 620.

Bus #5— General Puller Hwy. Rt. 33 North End Rd. to Deltaville 7-Eleven-Providence Rd. Rt. 633, Paces Neck Rd. Rt. 632, Lucys Cove Rd. Rt. 1120, Irma’s Ln. Rt. 1103, Fishing Bay Rd. Rt. 1102, Porpoise Cove Ln. Rt. 1111, Deagles Rd. Rt. 1104, Berryville Rd. Rt. 1108, Kennardstown Rd. Rt. 1105, Chick Cove Dr. Rt. 1043, Glen Cove Dr. Rt. 1044, Healy Cove Dr. Rt. 1042.

Bus #7— Urbanna-Rt. 227, Molly’s Way Rt. 1070, Watling St. Rt. T1015, Cross St. Rt. 227, Prince George St. T1003, Virginia St. Rt. 227, Rappahannock Ave. Rt. T1001, Colorado Ave. Rt. T1008, Cross St. T1005.

Bus #8— Accessible bus, Deltaville to Cooks Corner.

Bus #9— Stingray Point to Fishing Bay Family Practice (Dr. Ransone’s Office) General Puller Hwy. Rt. 33, Timberneck Rd. Rt. 636, Marina Dr. Rt. 659, Perry Ln. Rt. 689, Jackson Creek Rd. Rt. 660, Bucks View Rd. Rt. 683, Green Cove Rd. Rt. 1110, Lovers Ln. Rt. 1101, Cross Rip Rd. Rt. 1113, Gillim Rd. Rt. 654.

Bus #10— Water View Rd. Rt. 640, from Bakers Corner to Big John’s Store, Tidewater Trail Rt. 17 from Church View P.O. to Virginia Motor Speedway, Briery Swamp Rd. Rt. 606, Dragon Rd. Rt. 607, Wares Bridge Rd. Rt. 602, Minkfield Rd. Rt. 635, Edgehill Rd. Rt. 612, Farley Park Rd. Rt. 603, Moss Swamp Rd. Rt. 613, Forest Chapel Rd. Rt. 614, Lovers Retreat Ln. Rt. 618.

Bus #11— Greys Point Rd. Rt. 3 from Harmony Grove to Mason Cove Ln., Rt. 3 from Industrial Way to Robert Norris Bridge, Locust Grove Rd. Rt. 645, Robinson Ln. Rt. 678, Long Point Ln. Rt. 646, Hideaway Point Rd. Rt. 699, Plainview Rd. Rt. 663, Millers Rd. Rt. 686 and Locklies Creek Rd. Rt. 621.

Bus #12— Piankatank Shores Stormont Rd. Rt. 629, Coach Point Rd. Rt. 690, Point Anne Dr. Rt. 725, Pipe-N-Tree Dr., Queens Point Dr. Rt. 696, Marsh Pungo Rd. Rt. 634.

Bus #14— Wake Rd. Rt. 626, Carlton Rd. Rt. 626, Barricks Mill Rd. Rt. 625.

Bus #15— Old Jamaica P.O. to Essex Line-Rt. 17 north and south, Canoe House Rd. Rt. 605, Nesting Rd. Rt. 604, Montague Island Rd. Rt. 648, Bayport Rd. Rt. 604, McKans Rd. Rt. 601, Butylo Rd. Rt. 600, Glebe Landing Rd. Rt. 606, Briery Swamp Rd. Rt. 606.

Bus #16— Rt. 695 Mount Zion Rd., Rt. 658 Country Rd., Old Virginia St. Rt. 602 from Mt. Zion Rd. to Flats Rd., Flats Rd. Rt. 637, Burch Rd. Rt. 656, Remlik Rd. Rt. 676, Cedar Pointe Dr. Rt. 1052, Waterford Dr. Rt. 1055 to Kilmers Point, Warner Rd. Rt. 603.   

Bus #17— Cooks Corner to Saluda, General Puller Hwy. Rt. 33, Courthouse Dr. Rt. 703, Bowen St. Rt. 674, Oakes Landing Rd. Rt. 618, Hewitt St. Rt. 617, Fauntleroy Ave. Rt. 701, Stoneham St. Rt. 692, Gloucester Rd. Business Rt. 17, Rt. 17 to Dragon Run Bridge, Forrer St. Rt. 697, Watson Landing Rt. 617.

Bus #18— Water View Rd. Rt. 640 from Water View to Bakers Corner, Old Samos Store, Millstone Landing Rd. Rt. 608, Corbin Hall Dr. Rt. 693, Burchs Mill Rd. Rt. 610, Clay Brook Dr.  

Bus #19— Kates Neck Rd. Rt. 657, Syringa Rd. Rt. 624, Regent Rd., Regent Rd. Rt. 624, Regent Rd. Rt. 626, Regent Rd. from Tall Chief to Sweet Water Pump, Bobs Hole Rd. Rt. 625., Rt. 33 west from Greys Point Rd. to Silver Ridge Rd., Silver Ridge Rd. Rt. 681, No Head Bottom Rd. Rt. 620, Whiting Creek Rd. Rt. 1041.

Bus #21— Old Virginia St. Rt. 602 from Town Bridge Rd. Rt. 615 to Flats Rd. Rt. 637, Burrells Marina Rd. Rt. 680, Streets Ln. Rt. 691, Rt. 609 Gayles, Rt. 1030 Cedar Rd., Rt. 1031 Fork Creek Ln., Rt. 1033 Tall Tree Ln., Rt. 1032 Swan View Dr., Old Virginia St. Rt. 602 from Revis to Tidewater Trail Rt. 17, Tidewater Trail Rt. 17 North and South from Old Virginia St. to Food Lion, Braxton Corr Rd. Rt. 615, Seven Springs Ln. Rt. 665, Wood Dr.

Bus #22— North End Rd. Rt. 631, Wild Goose Dr. Rt. 710, Robins Point Ave. Rt. 712, Jackson Dr. Rt. 714, Apache Dr. Rt. 716, Badger Rd. Rt. 717, Wolverine Rd. Rt. 718, Creekshore Dr. Rt. 720, Crittenden Rd. Rt. 652, Woods Creek Rd. Rt. 664, Felton Rd. Rt. 672, Rt. 33 General Puller Hwy. from North End Rd. to Woodport Ln.

Bus #24— Accessible Bus, Laneview to Cooks Corner.

Bus #25— Hartfield to Piankatank River Bridge-Rt. 33/Rt. 3, River Run Rt. 1035, Scoggins Creek Trail Rt. 1037, Lakeview Dr. Rt. 1036, Mariners Woods Dr. Rt. 1080, Sunset Vista Dr. Rt. 1082, Stampers Bay Rd. Rt. 630, Blue Heron Dr. Rt. 1060, Wilton Coves Dr. Rt. 1061, Ferry Rd. Rt. 655, Woods Brothers Rd. Rt. 730.

posted 08.24.2016

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