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One Woman's Opinion

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What I Want from Government

Mary Wakefield Buxton

by Mary Wakefield Buxton

Urbanna, Va.— Tis the season for political candidates, talking points, and bombardment of ads. Who isn’t sick to death of it? Yet this election is so important. This nation needs jobs. Other than a healthy business climate, here’s what I want from government:

I want a government that protects the nation and Americans here and abroad. I want a strong military force that will be there when we need them. As Kipling phrased it, “When the guns begin to shoot.”

I want a smaller, more efficient government that is run like a business that costs less money to operate and has a balanced budget every year without increasing taxes. I want the same at state, county and Town of Urbanna levels too. To all representatives, please spend tax dollars like you had to earn the money yourself. Like we do.

What’s this U.N. “global tax” that I hear is being proposed for Americans? No thank you. I don’t want global government foisted on me nor international laws and courts, and especially not Agenda 21. If readers do not know about Agenda 21, better find out fast. Ignorance is dangerous.

I want term limits on Congressmen. No more scoundrels who make a life-time career out of representation living on tax money and enjoying federal benefits far beyond the rest of us. Some behave like princes in their own private fiefdom. Send them home after two terms.

All laws must apply to federal employees as they apply to us. No ending a session until they have agreed on a budget. Putting the nation in the red, inflating our money, taking money from Social Security to fund other federal programs, should be a criminal offense. If privateers who scam customers with pyramid schemes go to jail, Congressmen should too.

Reform Social Security so the program will be available to the next generations. I’ve been faithfully paying into SS since my first job in 1954 and am still doing so. The program is insolvent. Please fix it.
I want Obamacare replaced with a health plan both parties support—the way it should have been written from the start. I want doctors paid fairly for the services they provide Medicare patients.  The present rates are shameful.

I want a smart energy policy that is realistic and looks at proven technologies and resources that will meet the needs of the nation and not just expensive pie-in-the sky schemes that will deliver energy at such high cost no one will be able to afford it.

I want the copious web of complicated regulations and mandates on business that now require lawyers and CPAs to interpret ended so more Americans can start businesses and hire others. That’s how economic recovery will finally return to the nation.

I want tax laws simplified so that any American with a high school diploma can figure his taxes—a simple flat tax with no loopholes, special subsidies, or convoluted tricks written in legalese no one can understand. All laws should be written so average Americans can read them. The health bill is example of monstrosity law. Over 2,000 pages, and most Americans still don’t know what Congress enacted.

End foreign aid to hostile nations. No more government bailouts on businesses that are going bankrupt. Taxpayers should never have to fund incompetency in business, government or in public schools.
It’s time for tort reform. Curb frivolous lawsuits and set caps on awards to finally rein in trial attorneys. 

No tax increases for anyone during recession. Higher taxes on job producers stop job growth in the private sector. If a small business has its taxes upped next year that will that mean the end to more jobs. The consequences of raising taxes on small business owners will only further recess job growth.

Our foreign policy in the Middle East has failed. Learning our ambassador was murdered in Libya last month was the last straw. If we can’t better support Americans overseas, then bring them home. That includes troops and diplomatic staffs.

I want a president who will represent all Americans and not just his party faithful. I want a pro-business leader who will inspire business and the many hard-working people in America who work hard and pay most of the taxes.

I want leadership that will bring us together, unite us all on the same team, and with bipartisan spirit to solve problems. I want the president to stand firm in the world as a symbol to all for what America has always stood for in a dark and oppressed world—individual freedom, opportunity for success, and a life lived in the pursuit of happiness.

Is that asking too much?


posted 10.24.2012

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