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One Woman's Opinion

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The Hillary Problem

by Mary Wakefield Buxton

Urbanna, Va.— Apparently, it’s finally over. At their upcoming convention, the Democrats are poised to nominate Barack Obama as their candidate for president. It is a historical and proud moment in American history.

(In full disclosure to readers, I am voting for John McCain. I like the way he works with bipartisan effort to solve problems.)

But I admire Obama and share in the excitement and pride that so many Americans feel for his nomination. He has a good chance of winning the White House.

But what to do with Hillary? Perhaps better said is, “What to do with husband Bill the other half of the eternal “two-for-one team?”  How in the world will Obama manage to extricate this woman with tentacles of steel from any possible presidency?

Of course, he could offer her the vice presidency. After all, she racked up more of the popular votes than he did. Some argue she would attract more “white working class” voters to his ticket. But others warn that nominating her for VP  would be a major mistake, if not a catastrophe.

In my view having Hillary as VP would be in the later category. Why? Because Hillary is the sort who, if she has her toe in the door, will push her way right into the Oval Office. How a mild-mannered man such as Obama could ever hope to run the country with this indefatigable woman who will never accept no as VP, is beyond comprehension.

And what about Bill? Can you imagine Obama trying to act presidential with Bill traveling about the country in Air Force Two at his wife’s side smiling and waving, or bawling out reporters for being sexist or voters who had the nerve not to support his wife?

It is a shame that all ex-presidents can’t retire gracefully after the glory of office and, in consideration of the next president, give the voters a well-earned break. Why can’t Clinton be happy writing books, giving speeches and helping charitable groups like other past presidents? He seems to crave a constant sense of limelight.

Perhaps Hillary and Bill could be made Co-Secretaries of State and be sent off on an ongoing tour of the world, solving international problems and promoting good will for America? At least, in that way, Obama could get her out of the country. I can see her in such a role. She is brilliant and can do anything. She speaks well. I doubt there is a man in the world who could out-debate her.

She could even be locked up in the same room with America’s enemies or any other trouble-maker that suddenly pops up around the world to discuss problems. At the end of 24 hours with Hillary, any one of them would agree to anything the U.S. wanted, if only to escape the woman.

The problem with Hillary being Secretary of State, however, is that she is like a boomerang. Once sent off into outer space, she would come bouncing back in four years to challenge Obama, himself, for the presidency. For this is a woman who wants the Oval Office more than any other living being that inhabits this earth.

I know this on a personal level. When she was “First Lady, she was already busy running for president. I received a call from the White House during this time asking me to join her network of women journalists so she could send “talking points” that I could include in my column writing for the Sentinel. That was very nice of her. I declined the offer. I write my own talking points.

Well, then, perhaps she could be given a life-time post? Obama could nominate her for a judgeship on the U.S. Supreme Court? She and Ruth Bader Ginsberg could join up in a team effort and adjudicate away all the problems that the legislature has not yet solved. Anything they did not agree with could be decided as unconstitutional and automatically struck down.

Although a Supreme Court position is considered lifelong, there is no law that would say Hillary would have to stay in her black robes for the rest of her years. At any moment she could throw them off, like I would surely throw off a burka if anyone tried to put one on me, and jump into a campaign for president once again.
I can see her now—wheelchair, cane, wig and a few new facelifts—and she would be ready to go for another run. Like the sun coming up in the morning, there would Hillary be, ever ready to serve from day one as president.

The only problem with Hillary is that in spite of her competency, so many dislike her. They smelled a phony from the very first. A seriously flawed woman, not unlike Lady Macbeth, who is so engulfed in flames of personal ambition that one suspects she would do anything to gain power. Even stick with the “Big Cad,” as she did, hoping for the ultimate “Big Payoff” that she long ago plotted and sincerely felt was her due.

We can forgive many flaws in our fellow man. But never intellectual dishonesty. When Barack Obama was asked what his major shortcoming was, he answered honestly and with charm, “My desk is a mess.” He said it and we instantly loved him for it.

But to the same question, Hillary gave us a long pitch that she was too impatient in her plans to help the poor.

No set of responses ever struck truth as these did. Poor Hillary could not share a simple human flaw with the public. She had to fabricate a lofty platitude. She simply could not look us in the face and tell us that she, too, might have had a messy desk.

With this very talented but tragically flawed woman, few voters have ever been fooled.

The lesson learned comes right out of Shakespeare; the fault is never in the stars but from within.  ©2008

Mary Wakefield Buxton will be a guest on “Woman’s World” on cable Channel 24 with Betty Welch today and Friday, June 12-13, at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

posted 06.12.2008

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