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One Woman's Opinion

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Thank you!

by Mary Wakefield Buxton

Urbanna, Va.— Those who keep track of the federal government these days have reason to be discouraged this Thanksgiving. Health-care legislation mandating change in insurance plans, resulting in millions of canceled policies and rolled out on a malfunctioning national website, has set the nation in chaos. The incompetence has been staggering.

Nonetheless, tis the season to give thanks. Americans can always find reason to be grateful. We have so much to appreciate and we must remember government can’t take away our individual joie de vivre.

I think today of all those splendid people who help me as I plod along with life at the “Pineapple Palace.” My heart is filled with gratitude for others this day and all they do for me.

Thank you Revere Gas truck driver, who rolls down Rappahannock Avenue to deliver fuel for my hot water, and Dominion Power workers who show up in all kinds of weather to turn on the juice when Urbanna is down. Thank you Town of Urbanna for clean water that flows from my spigot and to all those who ensure that pipes never run dry. 

Thank you Dr. Robusto and Dr. Cubbage and your wonderful staffs who work hard to keep my family well. Thank you to Dr. Vogt and hygienist Renee, who help me maintain healthy teeth. Thank you Dr. Jones for caring for my beloved dogs, and especially Dr. Skinner who answered my tearful call for help late one Saturday night to help me save my just-rescued lost dog “Dandy.”

Thank you Southside Sentinel for publishing my columns and to dear readers who either enjoy my work, or at least tolerate my work, even if they don’t care for my messages. Thank you Fred Gaskins for publishing my books.

Thank you Father Paul Andersen and fellow Episcopalians who understand I have a slightly different definition of religion and who lovingly care for and tolerate me.

Thank you Chip, a truly remarkable husband. How many husbands could stand opening the Sentinel every Thursday and reading what his wife thinks on a variety of topics for 30 years and still stay married?

Thank you family, especially my two sisters, Alice and Georgia, and dear friends who love me, no matter what my opinion is this week. Thank you good neighbors on Kent Street and especially the Town of Urbanna that has given me a home just as beloved as my old hometown, Vermilion, Ohio, which I left in 1959 to come to college in Virginia. I still think of Ohio with a sweet pang in my heart.

Thank you Debbie Longest who not only takes care of our home but also our family. Thank you staff of Trust Builders Law Firm in Yorktown, Williamsburg and Urbanna for your devotion and hard work to meet the needs of our great clients. And thank you, Chip, once again for giving me a job at age 72 that I enjoy so much.

Thank you Matt Moss and Janet Riggs, CPAs, for keeping me on track with tax liabilities. Thank you town and county government for doing all you can to provide efficient services and balanced budgets.

Thank you Ricky Warren, Ruth Williams, Cate Ogden and all Dog Friends (who volunteer at the local animal facility) for all you do to help man’s homeless best friend, and especially to all those who adopt or foster a homeless dog or cat.

Thank you Judy and Beth at Virginia Street Café, Robbie, Donald and Dean at Eckhard’s, and Buzz and the gang at Steamboat Grill for being there whenever we need a good meal. Thank you Miss Carol for baking your delicious raspberry-chocolate cakes, Chandler’s Auto Service for keeping my car on the road, Bobby Wilson for keeping my computer going, and Jan Dunlevy for cutting my hair and helping me look presentable.

Thank you Urbanna Harbor, especially Hazel Laughton and other volunteers, for keeping the pool in perfect condition. Thank you Urbanna Post Office for delivering my mail and for your constant good cheer.

Thank you all hard-working citizens in Middlesex County who have jobs, pay taxes, contribute to Medicare and Social Security every payday, and to the business owners who provide jobs and faithfully meet payroll. 

Thanks to all police, fire and rescue units, teachers, volunteers and community civic groups that enthusiastically roll up their sleeves every day of the year and attend to a zillion community needs with generous and kind hearts. Thanks to all who give and keep on giving, however they can give. They keep us afloat, even in hard times. And these are hard times, lest we forget.

Yes, we strive to be one family in Middlesex County and we do all we can to serve the needs of others. So, at least for today, let us quit our incessant demands for more, more, more and simply be grateful for all that others do for us. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!


posted 11.27.2013

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