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One Woman's Opinion

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Are we ready?

Mary Wakefield Buxton

by Mary Wakefield Buxton

Urbanna, Va.— Are we ready for the next presidential election? The truth is, I shudder at just the thought of facing another presidential election.

Ah, the agony of campaigns and listening to another round of empty promises and outrageous lies. But, presidential elections and their corresponding political campaigns with slick politicians with egos as big as the sky all vying for votes are a part of democracy. We mustn’t grumble but . . . this ongoing circus that comes on like a swarm of locusts every four years strikes me as a true test of the very soul of mankind.

So, ready or not, the next presidential election is coming in 2016 and candidates for President are already popping up like weeds in my garden. Sadly, what I want in a President is getting harder to find.

Number one requirement for President is honesty; someone who tells the truth and does not try to cover up unpleasant situations or mistakes. Someone who says what he means and won’t change his mind after the election, or worse, promise what he can’t possibly deliver.

Then, I want someone who is qualified to govern the country. That means electing a candidate who has had experience in successfully governing a state, corporation or similar institution. Voters have elected far too many presidents who have not an inkling how to run a hardware store, let alone the most powerful nation in the world—and the result is incompetence in government is at an all-time high.

Most everyone wants honesty and experience in presidential candidates but where I may stray from others is I prefer a non-partisan candidate who will be leader to all the people and not just the party faithful. Someone who can unite the nation instead of constantly dividing us.

I’m burned out with partisan politics, party operatives who jazz up their localities with anger and hatred for the other party and polarized party members who don’t listen to the other half of the country. I believe both parties need to solve problems together and both parties should have a say in decision-making.

I want the partisan rancor to stop and politicians and federal bureaucrats to work together to solve problems, listen to each other, and reach compromise when writing legislation. That’s how it used to be done in better times.

Then, after his or her presidential term is over, I want the President to go home, leave the public domain, limelight, power and glory forever. The truth is, I never want to see him or her again. I’m tired of ex-presidents who continue to opine on every subject and seek attention as if they can’t be happy outside the Oval Office.

Perhaps there are many other life experiences that would round out an ideal candidate; for example, it wouldn’t hurt to elect someone who has had military service who, at least, knows how to salute properly or has even experienced what it is like to be sent to war.

How about someone who has met payroll every week, paid employee taxes, confronted government regulations, and still made a profit at the end of the day.

Or someone who has had to support a family on minimum wage, experienced the desperation of not finding a job, or tried to start a new business but failed because of high taxes and over regulation and then had to pay unemployment insurance for laid-off workers. Or someone who has tried to shop for food and pay utility bills on a minimum wage paycheck.

Or someone who has stood in front of a classroom and taught a lesson to a group of unruly students, served as a policeman and had rioters throw bricks at him, has been a fireman called to put out a fire, or a rescue squad driver who rushed someone to the hospital who had just been shot.

Or has served as a doctor, nurse or medic and gone through an emergency experience trying to save someone’s life. Or has been a judge who had to make final decisions in the courtroom every day on what to do with criminals who never learned crime doesn’t pay.

Better yet, how about someone who knows the shock that every millennial now experiences when he first learns government has spent the nation into a whopping $18 trillion-plus debt and realizes his generation will be stuck with all the bills. Worse, someone who now faces tens of thousands of dollars repaying student loan debt for a college degree and ended up with no job.

Or, served as minister in charge of a congregation of believers who has to explain why it is we should believe in God in a society like today where violence, misery and man’s inhumanity to man reigns the world over.

Are we ready yet for the next election? You bet.


One Woman’s Opinion will return on September 10. Mary Wakefield Buxton wishes everyone a very happy and healthy summer.

posted 05.27.2015

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