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One Woman's Opinion

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A Disappointing Presidency

Mary Wakefield Buxton

by Mary Wakefield Buxton

Urbanna, Va.— One would have hoped the election of Barack Obama in two elections would have delivered a stellar performance to this needy nation. It has not. His term in office has been major disappointment.

The party faithful will support the president and forgive all shortcomings. Yet, the majority of polled Americans now believe this president to be the worst leader since WWII.

Lack of management skills and ability to make timely decisions are his main weaknesses. From the onset, the “community organizer” turned politician had little executive experience or was ever required to make immediate life-and-death decisions. But having the ability to make quick decisions is of utmost importance when one is Commander-in-Chief, and amateur fumbling as we saw in the Benghazi tragedy can translate to loss of life.

Ford or Coca-Cola would not have elected a novice as CEO yet Americans thought nothing of voting for a man with little executive experience to manage the nation, direct foreign affairs, and serve as Commander-in-Chief.

This administration has been so weak I believe Congress should enact term limitations not only for themselves, but also for future presidents. Four years in the White House for those lacking basic leadership skills is long enough for the citizens to bear.

How personally disappointed am I? Let me count the ways. I first began to cringe at Obama’s frequent “blame Bush” oratory. Presidents, like CEOs, don’t blame others for problems; they solve problems. The propensity to blame others, a noticeable personality trait in this president from the start, signaled immediate flag of incompetence.

Of course, the President found other venues for blame: poor economy (bad weather), immigration problems (Congress refused to spend more money), foreign policy (one flop after another), America previously had mistreated other nations, and, the old standby, having to co-exist with Republicans.

Then the constant claims from the White House of ignorance . . . “I didn’t know anything about it until I read about it in the newspaper” is typical comment from the White House. Sad a president has to read the newspaper to find out what is happening in his administration.

The IRS scandals are still unsettled. The IRS must operate with absolute professionalism without any hint of political favoritism or chicanery. Obama assures us there was “not a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS,” yet Lois Lerner refused to testify to Congress in regard to her targeting conservatives; then she conveniently “lost” some of her emails. Emails from her that were recovered showed shocking disparaging language used against Republicans. Such “party hack mentality” simply cannot be tolerated from public servants.

What about Benghazi? Why wasn’t military help sent immediately to those under attack at our embassy? Who authorized the story that the attack was caused by a video? Why did the President continue to tell the fabrication for two weeks even after he knew it was erroneous?

What about the incredibly inept start of The Affordable Health Care Act? If the President can’t appoint professional, competent government executives who can do the job, who can?

The nation still awaits decision on the pipeline. The reasons for tardy medical services for vets at VA hospitals require answers. What about the ongoing illegals entering the country on the Mexican border?

The President reported the war against terrorism was over and withdrew troops from Iraq. What are his plans now that Iraq and Afghanistan are collapsing? How will he protect Americans from ISIS? 

Polarization of the nation is at the highest level I have ever seen and was triggered by a president who thought it proper to insult members of the opposition. Why would any president disparage any American citizens? Presidents serve everyone, regardless of party affiliation, and must take leave of partisanship and act as positive leaders to the entire nation.

President Obama is a change agent and no one who brings about change has ever had an easy time of it. If only the man had communication skills to speak beyond the party faithful. But not even his followers seem to understand what his foreign policy is. We can hope he has a plan of action with the deteriorating situation he helped create in the Middle East but . . . hope is not a plan.

Yet, what I most dislike about the man is he’s an ideologue that believes he’s right on all issues. He won’t or can’t work with others of different ideas. If he could possibly show a little interest in problems of all Americans, not just his special interest groups, this would go a long way toward improving his presidency.

Perhaps the President is doing the best he can but, lesson learned. Party operatives from both parties could improve government simply by nominating proven state governors who have had solid executive experience as candidates. Voters could do their part by carefully examining credentials in candidates before casting votes. Ideology is a poor substitute for the real thing: executive experience.


posted 09.11.2014

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